Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift
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Puppet Animation,
35 mm, 9 min.
short excerpt

Secret voices come like lightening from far away, filling the living room; strange and familiar at once. Frightened he turns to Mrs Miller at his side, but she continues sleeping, unstirred. With the dawn the sounds fade away; instead a wild dog appears at the bus stop, telling Waldi about her plan to subvert the human conspiracy against dogs.  

And again the sirenes breeze through the window, telling Waldi about the faraway wilderness, about seas of mist, pine- ridged mountains and the plump moon watching above all.

Where do these voices come from, and what does the wild dog have to do with them?

Waldi's search begins.

Script, Animation, Models, Editing: Dörthe Eickelberg
Cinematography, First Aid Editor: Katinka Kocher
Compositing: Marc Perino, André Schömitz, Oliver Seiter
Score: Thomas Mehlhorn
Sounddesign: Rolf Amann
Mix: Bernd Müller
Produced at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg