Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

Dörthe Eickelberg is a German is a filmmaker, actress and TV host.

She graduated at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg with the documentary FAIRIES AND OTHER TALES, where she shot elves (on film). The result worked as the perfect excuse to travel to film festivals from America to Zimbabwe.

She discovered and performed standup comedy and improv comedy in Vancouver, Canada. Back in Berlin, she was the token German at an English improv comedy troupe and co-founded a cabaret trio.

When she later was producing her handmade satire web-show BE BERLINER!, she was handpicked by the French German culture channel ARTE. Currently she is in charge of hosting the daily science magazine X:ENIUS.

Since 2008, she is touring Europe with her French co-host and has completed more than 700 episodes.

In 2013 she teamed up with four other journalists to found LABO M.
A big part of the Xenius shows and a number of other web, TV and documentary film formats are now produced by their production company.

Dörthe Eickelberg is a guest lecturer at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, the Film University in Potsdam Babelsberg and the University of Arts in Berlin.

The Goethe Institute, the postproduction company Rhythm&Hues and the Tamil Nadu film studios invited her several times to India to conduct a whole series of masterclasses and workshops all over their country.

The European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned Dörthe with the media coaching of their future astronaut.